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Every Customer is a little bit different.

Understanding and acting on actions and preferences makes
for a longer, happier, and more profitable customer relationship.

Predictive Analytics from Bistech & IBM helps you acquire, grow
and retain customers with a 250% ROI within 12 months*.

Did you know you can now intelligently scale and automate key parts of your interactions with customers in ways that make their lives, and yours, easier? Gathering customer information from multiple sources (social media, email, transactional histories), IBM Predictive Customer Analytics models customer behaviour based on individual habits, allowing you to make the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

Across your customer base, that equates to better service levels, ongoing loyalty,
and higher sales revenue.

So, What’s wrong with typical customer facing processes?

Most organisations approach customer interactions and marketing in an un-personalised and anonymous way. Consider the generic TV ads, mass mail outs, mundane call centre scripts, and uniform online store content you’re exposed to every day – essentially offering the same products, services and experience to everyone.

There’s a lot of value missed with this approach. That’s because these interactions take place regardless of a customer’s history – both positive and negative, their demographic, and their current phase in life.

What results is the wrong message being sent to the wrong person at the wrong time; missed opportunities to upsell or cross-sell; and lower levels of positive customer engagement and ongoing loyalty.

If any of these issues resonate for you, how do you overcome them?

With PRedictive customer analytics
You can determine your customers needs.

Despite a generic go-to-market approach, many organisations do collect rich sets of customer data via records of sales history, demographics, location, service request logs, product/service usage patterns, survey responses, and more.

These data sets which organisations already possess present a huge opportunity, as they can be integrated and profiled to personalise customer interactions using the IBM Predictive Customer Analytics platform. In Australia, the solution is delivered by Bistech, your highly certified local

The solution that thinks like a customer… for you.
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boost customer retention and satisfaction.

Identify and eliminate triggers for customer defection by segment, proactively share customer feedback and initiate service requests across channels/departments, and provide more accurate and relevant offers.

did you know:

Nucleus Research reported that 94% of IBM Predictive Analytics customers achieve a positive ROI and average payback in 10.7 months, making it one of the highest ROI scores Nucleus has ever seen.1

1 An IBM SPSS Event: The Predictive Analytics Agenda, http://www-01.ibm.com/software/au/ analytics/spss/events/theagenda/why.html, accessed 20 November 2015.

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the bistech difference

In business for more than 10 years, Bistech is a locally owned and Australian-based Analytics consultancy with many satisfied customers including Virgin Australia, Century Yuasa Batteries, Domino’s Pizza, and FK Gardner & Sons.

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, our key point of difference is our pragmatic approach to implementation. We cut through the hype, fads and jargon and deliver tangible results with a minimum of fuss, often in half the time to what our competitors may quote.

Bistech is committed to excellence in the areas of Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Planning, Financial Performance Management, Location Intelligence and Information Management.